DONNA KEELEY - Senior Training Developer/Instructional Designer


The following items are quoted from some of my performance reviews. It would be very easy for me to tell you how great I am, but I feel that their words would carry a little more weight.


Ron Renfro, ManTech Corporation

"Donna has completed her second year with ManTech with the same day-to-day dedication and enthusiasm with which she performed during her initial year of employment. She continues to routinely put in that 'extra effort' in both attention to detail and working hours that ensures a quality product on schedule.

"In addition to her continued growth in instructional design, Donna has expanded her all around capabilities in production, becoming competent in desktop publishing and computer graphics on both IBM and Macintosh computer systems. Donna can be relied upon to work independently, with the self-confidence and initiative to require little if any supervision in completing entire design and development activities.

"Donna aggressively pursues every opportunity to increase her responsibilities and contributions to the organization. She tackles every new assignment as an opportunity to learn and increase her capabilities. For her level of experience, she is truely one of our most valuable resources."


Dennis Rice, Advanced Development Group, Inc.

"Donna has been assigned to the ASE (Aircraft Survivability Equipment) project from the inception. During the development of this project, Donna has remained on schedule and completed many of the deliverables ahead of schedule. If the customer was running late with comments, she reminded the COR of the delinquency and as a result, the comments were forthcoming.

"Ms. Keeley interfaced with two different subject matter experts during this effort. This created inconsistencies in the interpretation of the technical and instructional design by each of the subject matter experts, yet Donna maintained the integrity of the course and satisfied the customer, despite the differences of opinion.

"Recently, she was assigned the task of writing sections for several different proposals. In addition, Donna has assumed the duties as editor for the company news letter. Ms. Keeley's efforts in proposal writing and editing the news letter have been well received. She has excellent writing skills and communicates ideas in print well."

Kathy Gibney, Science Applications International, Corporation (SAIC)

"Donna has done an excellent job since she has been on board. She joined the project just as we reached the very hectic period. She has managed to come up to speed very quickly learning our storyboard format, scripting and authoring system. I can count on Donna to meet her deadlines and she willingly puts in overtime if required. She has provided assistance to existing developers in the area of authoring experience and documentation of procedures being developed. Donna's work is generally error free and when problems are found, she quickly corrects them."

Pamela McDonald, Science Applications International, Corporation (SAIC)

"Donna has demonstrated excellent planning skills this year as class lead for the 4.4 updates of the Computer Operator and Hardware Specialist class. Both these projects require coordination with multiple contributing developers. Donna did an exceptional job coordinating the preview of the 4.4 Hardware Specailst class, especially in view of the short time in which she had to prepare for this task.

"Donna has been one of the most productive members of the technical training development team this year. She has greatly extended the scope and depth of her technical content knowledge. She has demonstrated solid leadership and planning skills as a class lead. Donna has greatly contributed to the team effort as a resource librarian and back-up POC for video production. Overall Donna has had a very successful year as a technical training developer."


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